Thursday, October 9, 2008

Noble Eightfold Path (makes me whiter) vs. Cut and Dry

I mentioned sometime before what's good about the election season. But, lately all i can think about is what is bad about the election season. Everyone gets so hateful, which to me leaves me two options...cry (quite likely) or punch someone in the throat. I don't deal well with ignorance. From experience and philosophy, fear is generally considered ignorance. And the all the rants about a "Marxist Muslim" or "Terrorist" (referring to Obama), comes off as complete ignorance. From my general observation, the audience which cries these terms the loudest are the ultra-conservative, 11th commandment republican, KJV is God (verbatim), Christians.

Recently I tried to engage some of these people in a "call to commonsense", only maybe if i was as diligent as Thomas Paine it could work. But, sadly I'm not, and therefor it didn't. All of which in turn, left me depressed, because the response was a literal "cut and paste" on some apparent literal "facts" about Obama's connection with socialism and Islam. And to them, this combination creates the Anti-Christ and of course (not fear) but hysteria, like a drowning person. People filled with fanaticism (not to be confused with passion) that breeds hate (or at least hatefulness) in a very absolute form. And there is no discussion, only their answer.

this makes me sad.literally.

When i said "makes me whiter" in the title i meant this...

(not saying i fulfill that exact description, but i find my friends and i in this book, very laughable)


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