Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off the bike and onto the 3rd job.


Once again I'm bike-less. I hate it completely. I have my stamina up pretty well and i'm off a bike again for a nice 2 to 3 days. This is not assisting my developing a good base for racing or training hard for that matter. Luckily its a long winter and hopefully by mid-Nov i'll be hard core on a bike, that track bike specifically.

The reason i'm bike-less is because:
  1. No money for the track bike. No one will buy my Cannondale. I thought 450 was a decent price...maybe 350?
  2. Mountain Bike is a P.O.S and needs a new drive train, its got a partially new one but i need to replace the crank, bottom bracket, and cassette at the very least. I could use a new wheel and and freewheel
  3. Cannondale doesn't fit.
I get paid Friday from the bike shop so i can replace the drive train on the MTB which is good because i have a race in two weeks that I'm going to suck in but at least i'll be able to completely blame that on myself rather than my bike.

Anyone want to buy used campy chorus parts? I'm going to post them on craigslist this week hopefully get some cash for that track bike.

I also just posted old car speakers, a mini keg (haha), an armoire, and other stuff....i'm turning it into a 3rd job.

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