Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Diet Dr Pepper

If you named your kid Google would you have to pay for the rights? It would make sense.
Yesterday i pulled a decent prank. Its been a while since I've done one. My co-worker (Lee) and i both bought 2 Dr Peppers from the Exxon station and then he went into McD's while i stayed in the car with our other co-worker (Craig). Since Diet DP and reg DP taste relatively similar i figured i would test it on an unknowing subject-Lee. So i pealed the labels off our drinks and switched them. He caught me putting it back, but even under his close observation he couldn't see that anything was different than before...YES! Obviously he drank it and ended up not saying anything, i laughed. I told him later.

I finally got back on a bike last night. I had to borrow my father-in-law's. I rode it on his trainer for about an hour and a half while trying to watch the debate. I ended up getting bored after about 20 mins of that, and turned on WSOP on ESPN. I love poker. I wish i had more time to take people's money, but I'd rather be on a bike. Plus last time i played i flopped a set of Kings (i was holding pockets cowboys) and the only guy to stay in, paired his K10 on the flop, which on the river turned into a straight. Of course i went all in and he called before that happened. I still question that...5% chance of hitting that queen. I think his buddy (who was dealing) may have quickly pulled that out. I don't know, maybe I'm just bitter.

My basement now has something that looks along the lines of system set up outside the house in the movie ET. Really weird.

I so badly want my bike back. I apparently need a new front derailleur too.

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