Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canari Parachute...I mean Training Jacket.

I felt like a big complainer this morning .1 miles into my ride. Yesterday's "huge head wind" was merely a gentle breeze in comparison with this morning. You would have thought a hurricane was passing through being outside this morning...just utterly ridiculous. It literally felt like a 10 year old kid had a rope tied to my seat post and was being dragged behind me. I was almost blown to a stop a couple of times.

On top of dragging a little kid around i was wearing my new Canari Training Jacket:
Basically it provides a proper amount of resistance for the purpose of strength training. I think its highly effective. In reality though, i think my jacket was customized for someone with the build of Popeye, because it fits pretty nice in the body but the arms on my jacket are enormous. I believe its time for a new jacket and one that won't double as a parachute.

Though there was something positive during the ride. It was the large open road that put the wind at my back. It only lasts about a mile or more but its blissful. The silence of turning out of the wind is soothing and the feeling of a tailwind is certainly amazing. I started turning the pedals over at a fantastic rate, and slowly a school bus started to catch me. Just as it did i jumped across the lanes and sat behind it and the little middle schoolers piled up at the rear window staring in amazement...or making fun of me. Soon the effects of the previous windy 10 miles wore on me and i lost steam, cross back to the right hand lane and slowed a bit. Best part of a terrible ride...and totally worth it.

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