Friday, October 31, 2008

And here it is...

There is the awesome track bike of mine. I bought it a couple nights ago. Its all Dura-Ace w/Look Keo Sprint pedals. I'm planning on changing the handlebars to drop style, but until i get enough cash i will roll pursuit. Its right at 16lbs and super fast. I love it. Of course cutting 16lbs off of a bike (MTB vs. Track Bike) really helps. I hated lugging that MTB around, its not so bad in the woods but on pavement you feel like you should be going faster...and you should.

I hear today is Free Burrito Day at Chipotle. I'm waiting 30 mins and calling my local Chipotle to make sure of this. The rule is you have to dress like a burrito to get a free burrito, so i brought my aluminum foil with me today. I'm excited.

The race is in 8 days? or 9...either way, its soon. My legs feel like total crap, and there is a great reason for that. I didnt have a bike to ride. eh. I'm just hoping by race day my legs are feeling a little bit better, because right now they are totally sucking. I'm going to try and bust out some big miles tomorrow before work and on the way home. Sunday i might hit a trail or two, we'll see. Maybe two big mile days in a row and then regular on Mon-Wed, Thurs big miles again, Fri and Sat regular, Sunday race. i dont know. i've forgotten how to train, its been so long. After this race i'm just going to focus on two big mile days a week.


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Al-Han Quolo said...

your bike is extremely sexy!