Monday, October 27, 2008

Switching to Fall Albums and MTB's

Saturday was a crappy raining day here in NoVa (like the car). I spent it at the bike shop which is always pretty cool and i got to replace the drive-train to my MTB like i had previously said i would. I ended up buying a new Front Derailleur and not buying the Rear Shifter. If i didn't get a discount then i would have put as much money into the bike as it originally cost. haha. As Darryl had asked,"Are you polishing a turd?" Yes, yes i am.

It is now a fully functional turd though. I rode it into work this morning taking the long(er) route. Its not actually that long. This morning i almost gave in to not getting out of bed, but then i reminded myself of Sunday morning getting up at 830 to go ride some trails only to find out that the only time that i could sell a couple items from Craigslist was around 930-10, which was soon enough that i couldn't roll out (literally) and just long enough that it would prevent me from riding after the fact because of an early lunch date with my parents back in their neck of the woods. eh. So i couldn't have a repeat after being off the bike for almost a whole week, specially since the race is in 2 weeks.

Good news is in the last two weeks with so much inconsistent riding i only gained a couple pounds. I've been so hungry though. i weighed in this morning at 188.

This morning had to have been one of the worst rides I've had in a long time. There was a GIANT head wind and it was about 60% of the ride and nasty crosswinds that felt like head winds for about 20% of the time.

With that said, the ride home hopefully will be much nicer, plus there are some trails i'm planning to hit on the way. A typical review says something along the lines of "these trails blow" and "dirty old men do nasty things here". So if no one hears from me after today...

Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reminds me of fall. I love musical nostalgia.

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