Friday, September 19, 2008

Back to it.

Ok i guess i'm back. I got frustrated after writing 4 or 5 blogs that never got published because i decided it would be very wise to mess with the HTML when i have barely a clue to on how to work a computer...

  • My wife and i are living with my parents because my house has "toxic" mold in it. that blows.
  • i solidly under 200lbs. i've lost 20lbs. since i started riding again.
  • I also have cells that are "precancerous". the doc said "you dont have cancer, so dont freak out, but you could end up with cancer if we dont take care of it." AWESOME! i hate going to the doctors.
  • My bike is in the bike shop and is getting a relative overhaul. i'm excited.
  • the Adirondacks with Dan was flipping fantastic over labor day weekend.
  • I have officially decided to quit running for good. It destroys my body. Not to say i wont go jog or something, to switch up the cycling everyday thing, but going running hard for 6 or 7 miles and trying to work up to the teens for consistency, thats gone. never again. i'm done. goodbye triathlons possibilities.
  • One of my best friends just left for Iraq for a Obama.
On that note i'll say i hate politics and elections. They make everyone want to punch everyone else in the throat. They also illuminate everyone's ignorance or narrow mindedness (myself included) because either A.)We follow what our peers(or your parents) are doing JUST for the fact that we believe everything they say. B.)We get stuck on things that dont really matter (by that i mean issues and religion, etc.) C.) We actually believe the candidates.
But there is a positive note to these that Bush will finally be out of office (thats a relief we won't hopefully experience again). and two that SNL and The Daily Show are a billion times better. Seriously, during the normal year those shows are good but during election season, they are brilliant, i dont have cable tv so staying with my parents has a small and just in time.

New band around called One Day As a Lion. I suggest anyone that was a fan of RATM check them out. thats a good website to take a listen. anyway, its a band that features these two guys...

If you dont know who these guys are...they are Zach De La Roche from RATM and Jon Theadore the insane drummer from The Mars Volta. By insane i mean that he looked liked a coal miner armed with drum sticks trying to destroy his drum kit.
Also check out Sleepercar. The former front man from Sparta (Jim Ward) got honest with himself and decided Sparta would never be as good as ATDI or The Mars Volta and made and "alt country" band with some friends.

In other un-related news. Lance is making a comeback. Just when i was so excited to see the 09 tour, i get wind that Lance and Basso are both going to be back for it. I still have hope in Christian Vandevelde and the chipotle team. I also keep hoping Levi might beat Contador in the Tour of Spain which is currently in it's last "mountain stage", the end to the overall standings will be tomorrow at the ITT and maybe Boonen can pull out another win rolling into Madrid. Sastre is now blaming his poor performance in the Vuelta (Tour of Spain) on Riis (the team director, or for us Americans, the coach).


darryl said...

Ha! You've got to be the only American who hates Lance Armstrong.

illumination for Augustan said...

try every american cyclist. only americans who dont care about the sport of cycling like him.