Friday, October 24, 2008

A1-Shop Cycling Team and the Maniacal CAT

I don't know if its coincidence or because of my ambition, but everyone in our shop is now talking about racing. From before i started working there thats all i talk about when it comes to bikes. But at this point everyone in the shop (except myself) are very interested in racing track and most are interested in racing road. The track thing is because of Ben, who has been racing track for quite some time. But i think throwing together a group for riding road would be great. It would be a little odd though because i can't imagine there are many teams racing CAT5...haha. Though we would only need "10 mass starts" and we could get that hopefully by June. But then again i could be talking out my ass because I've never done this before. Regardless the prospect of having a couple of friends in a group would be fantastic. Ben is already a Cat4 and he said probably a Cat3, but he just hasn't upgraded. I just hope every race isn't going to be a Crit. Those don't sound like fun to me, plus I'm not the best sprinter in any type of race, running or biking, and I'm not really trying to grow elephant legs either, I'm happy with my build and my abilities. I do want to lose 20 or 30lbs more. 20 i know i can do and 30...If i did 20 that would put me at 170. 5'11 170. Darryl said everyone will be asking me if I'm sick...whatever. I still have a bunch of fat to shed. I'm already down 25 lbs. and i don't even think I've lost half of my being overweight.

I'm probably going to go Veg again to cut off the extra weight...maybe in January till August. Or maybe just red meat because last time i did that i looked sick after 9 months...

Update on Bike Situation-
  • Cannondale wont sell, so i have a couple options...
    • Post it for parts on craigslist
      • sell the frame
      • see who can be the 1st from the shop to get the frame on the shop roof
    • Sell it to the shop ($100)
    • Sell it AT the shop
  • Mountain bike needs parts...
    • Cassette
    • Crank and Bottom Bracket
  • Ti Bike
    • haha
  • Track Bike
    • still for sale, but only to me, i took it off the floor!
I'm also selling my vintage Chrome Dyno with the white (plastic) rims. I could maybe get a $100 for it. My 2nd bike ever, the first got run over.

On top of that if you haven't heard Levi Leipheimer was riding this past Sunday where i was doing my night rides by my parents house. Instead of riding with Levi, i was embarrassing myself on my MTB.

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