Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I need a new blog...says Darryl

Yesterday was my first day at the bike shop and i rode in with the guy that runs the shop. I had been wicked concerned about hanging with him on the ride in, 1. because i've had a crappy week on the bike and 2. because my lack of amazing fitness. So we were trucking along, i mean really trucking and we reach a decent climb and i burn up the hill and put some distance between us. at the top of the hill at the light we came back together and he led the way on the descent. i was feeling proud of my ability at that point, thinking maybe i'm actually not in too bad of shape and then i looked down at his back wheel. I noticed that something was missing...It was missing a few things, and to name one-Rear Derailleur. He was riding a single speed...the kind that are direct drive. ugh. I was no longer feeling the same emotion as i had moments before.
(my view was something like that.)

The ride back we averaged 21mph and i know the ride there was faster, but his comp was broken on the way in. (my seat shimmied down a bit on the way too...annoying.) The ride is some where around 25miles. So a decent little ride, specially for twice a day. The way home, i pulled a bunch or paced depending on how you look at it, which on the way in i was a little scared to do because i thought i might destroy my legs, which going home i did with some of those pulls.

I ravaged my legs (like i had assumed i would) when i got home and shaved them with a razor. By the way, Veet sucks and is annoying.

I am probably going to sell my Alesis, so i can afford some bike stuff. it will look something like this...
Is that a good deal? i think it is. Plus i'll have a little extra cash.

We move back into our house this weekend. I'm excited.

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