Sunday, October 12, 2008

Job status.

I start tomorrow at the bike shop. I have Columbus day off from my job at the local global destroyer, so its very convenient. I asked the guy (Ben) if he was riding into work monday because we'd be working the same hours and he lives right down the street from where i'm staying now, he said he was and wanted me to go with him. My legs have sucked utterly and completely since i've been back from Paris, not only that but up till today i've only been on a bike 3 times. AAANNNDDD on top of that, i dont have a bike to ride, because my old man's serotta (that he never rides) is like gold to him, and my father-in-laws bike is wicked old and has limited gearing, and both my bikes are in the shop. Though i think i might go pick up the one in working condition, just to make the ride. It would be nice.

Also, Veet last about 24 hours. Its like a less painful way to next i shall try waxing, maybe i'll film it, but probably not.

Go redskins! Also, i'm going for AZ and SF to win. I made a bet with 5:1 odds that Giants beat the Browns by 31 points. so my return is going to be amazing!

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