Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fabian still the fastest.

My bike still isnt done and has accumulated a few hundred dollars worth of labor. This ultimately blows.
to get an idea of just whats going on here's what we are dealing with....

(so its basically the piece on the left inside that hole on the right, but imagine the grooves for the wrench on the piece arent there anymore because they got stripped...)

Well at this point the guy is going to have to rip the piece out and re-thread the bike.

So yesterday Schumacher tested positive for EPO at the 08 Tour. Its good and bad. I'm happy they are catching people, but that means people are obviously still using.

Also, i realized this morning that i misspoke about what jersey i actually purchased in France. It wasnt Fassa Bortolo, it was a Francaise de Jeux team jersey. weird.

pictures are from-www.bestbikebmx.com and bicycle fixation

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