Friday, October 10, 2008

Protecting Dopers.

If you havent heard all the buzz around doping in cycling its probably because you don't care about cycling. Lately they are making the effort to find dopers after the fact, to which the statement "better late than never" has never been more true. First the Tour de France and then the Olympics, but one place you will not find retesting is the Giro.
For those of you who don't care, Giro de Italia is one of three Grand tours, the greatest of which is the Tour de France, and as some would say, the least of which is the Vuelta De Espana which just concluded at the end of September.

With the greatest bike race in the world (Tour de France) and the world Olympics both doing retesting for a new drug called CERA, you would think the Giro would follow suit, but no. Arrogance. Did anyone see the results? Known doper Ricardo Ricco finished 2nd behind the suspicious Alberto Contador, Levi finished 45mins back (18th place) and Vandevelde finished 52nd (probably over an hour). just saying...

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