Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween and Election Day

Ashamedly i took today off the bike. After being off a bike for nearly 7 days and then two ridiculously hard days right after, my legs are fried. I know, i suck. One day this week i was going to drive, to take care of some errands, so i figured today was as good as any, plus i didn't sleep good. I did, however, get up at the right time to go, but after staring outside for a good 5 mins decided to go back to bed for a bit longer and make the drive.

Friday is Halloween. I was raised not to participate on that day, to which some of you might But yes tis true. This year though, it has been my wife's goal to convince my parents to hand out candy. She is definitely ambitious. I think she may have succeeded though, surprisingly enough. Anyway, with all her enthusiasm and excitement over dressing up like funny things (i'm debating The World or Captain Planet) i am definitely going to be stuck at home handing out candy to annoying little kids. Now, i wasn't opposed to this previously until i found out there is going to be a free screening of Shaun of the Dead at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse, which happens to be about my favorite place to go EVER, not to mention Shaun of the Dead is hilarious.
Even the poster is hilarious. Simon Pegg is just really really funny.

I don't have cable. And with the up coming election day being less than a week away i need a place to watch it. My family's house is a no no, mostly because i don't want to hear ignorant comments about Obama. Also, my in-law's house is a no no for the same reason. They are presenting election coverage at the Alrington Cinema Drafthouse, which is cool, but i just envision a brawl (Politics+Alcohol=Brawl). I might try and attend that, but it might be hard to get a seat considering the importance of the event. We'll see.
AAANNNDDD i just realized, i'm working that night at the bike shop. So no Drafthouse for me.

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