Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello Legs, Goodbye Light.

Well after saying Friday morning that my legs were sucking everything that was possible to suck, i started my ride home around 415 and found my legs not doing that terrible. The weather was as nice as its been in a long time, so i took advantage of it and decided to investigate a new route for myself. I have to "investigate" because i end up running into a lot of gravel/dirt roads. Anyway, i found that my new route had some of the nicest rodes I've ridden on in a long time.

Super sweet roads + my legs were doing well + there was great weather=happiness.

Saturday on my way into the bike shop i did more investigating on new parts of that route which i found a gravel/dirt road, i know my way around but i would have had to back track a ton so i didn't, but connected with my "new route" later on, which proved to be very cool. My legs felt great and it was so beautiful out, i felt like someone from a fall catalog of a cheap bike ad magazine.
With Fall here and Daylight savings having come and gone, this presents a problem for me as a commuter. Light. I think the most depressing thing is being stuck in an office during the only daylight hours, not to mention the safety issue of riding day in and day out through darkness on major roads. There are already a terrible number of a-holes that think cutting it close is going to keep me off the road, so add the darkness factor...ugh. On top of that, getting up at 630 to get out the door ASAP to get good miles in, is near impossible for me. I do it, but i don't like it. I will continue in this manner until the earth shifts its rotation and allows for an earlier morning light. The worst thing about all of this, is that we aren't into the darkest of it all yet.
Obama will be here in Manassas tonight. I will regret not going, but doors opening at 5pm and not starting it until 9pm, plus the Skins are on tonight, and i don't like large crowds of people. Its a big combo of things i don't enjoy. I imagine it would be like going to see Bob Dylan live...i did it, but did not enjoy it. I will however mix it up with those ridiculous crowds to vote tomorrow.


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