Monday, December 1, 2008

Bon Iver Dec 15th


quick updates-
  • My basement is still f-ed up unless of course you happen to be the swamp thing in which case i doubt the mold will have any negative effect on you.
  • A trip has just hit the planning committee for Jan 2010.This trip will include things like-
    • Adirondacks in the dead of winter
    • Dan, myself, Ben, maybe Darryl?
    • XC Ski's
    • Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker (black label cause we're cheap)
    • And probably a snowman or too as a result of the previously mentioned items or just because i act like i'm 12
  • I've invented a new game to play since i started taking vitamins a few weeks ago-How many cups of water do i have to consume to get my piss clear? The answer is still unknown.
  • I am attending the Bon Iver show in Philly on Dec 15th
I was successful last week in convincing Ben to come see our new little loop for riding, which turned into who can drop who and i started it. I also have a smaller gear ratio and therefor I am quicker off the jump, but on one side of the loop there was a huge tailwind that once we got around, Ben would come booking by me and my legs were whipping around uncontrollably and i was going a mere 31 mph while he stilled pulled away. I would catch him on the slight rise into the head wind, lose him for about 1/8-1/4 mile and then back to the tailwind...ugh. Good fun.

I'm attempting to bring my bike on its first family vacation. We'll be in NJ for about 4 days right after Christmas and there's no way i'm taking a whole 4 days off the bike at this point (unless of course i happen to be on the AT with a couple buddies). So far i told my wife i'm bringing the bike and she said she didn't think there'd be time, which i countered easily. No response after that. SUCCESS! its not over till i'm on my bike in NJ though.

At this point with December already here and i'm not scheduled at the bike for a while and i'm in the negative for my racing bike, i have to be rethinking exactly what bike i'm going to purchase. With that said i'm a tad happy, because if i had the cash i probably would buy the TCR Advanced 1
But alas, i dont have the cash to buy that super sweet bicycle. And the reason for my slight delight is because i don't think i really deserve that bike yet. Its been a very long time since i raced a road bike and its been NEVER since i raced one in a real sanctioned race. So presenting my new goal a more appropriate bike for my CAT 5 adventures this spring/summer...the TCA Alliance 1
Come time to make the purchase i might for TCR Alliance 0 but we'll see come Feb. after i've sold everything i own except my wife.

I was really hoping to have at least sram rival on my bike but beggars can't be choosers as they say...

In other cycling news...
Stephan Shumacher has been indited with more reasons why his wins shouldnt count in the 08 Tour. Recent findings show that he was racing under false pretenses (and i'm not talking about doping), i'm talking about him being a complete woman. no offense to women of course...

Also, a 15 year old nearly ran away with the MARBAcross series final. He will now face a stringent series of doping tests.
just to clarify that is Stephanie Schumacher

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