Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Consumption Corruption.

Holidays are a pain. Both parents live around the corner from each other and one set of my wife's G-rents live less than 20 mins from there. To add to the demand of personal presence i have multiple friends engaging in long trips to the Asian continent just after the 25th; one left Sunday, another yesterday, and the last one today. 2 are going to Iraq and one to India. At this point in time both places have proven fatal. Anyway, on top of the demand of visiting friends and family, there is the added demand of consuming alcohol to make these visits more entertaining or maybe just to get us all through. Regardless though last night was one of the the former, and karma is reminding me that alcohol is fun's credit card, you pay for it later. I'm not a big drinker (not to say i wouldn't like to be if it weren't for all those health risks). And with cycling season quickly approaching (tomorrow is January), the alcohol intake will have to subside. I blame it on the holidays.

On top of increased alcohol %'s in drinks was a decrease in exercise time, and more importantly riding time. I got on the bike once last week and it was for a short jolly ride the neighborhood for 45mins. I couldn't find the means necessary to wear a helmet therefor causing my caution and concern. I did however get out and run 4 times, totaling somewhere around 20 miles. One day was only like 2 miles and that's being generous. Like i said before, the reason for the running, is traveling.

Last night i didn't feel like riding on the rollers when i got home and so i just left the house in the dark. Did some laps around a large loop in our neighborhood with a few intervals just to see how my legs were feeling....they weren't feeling good. A week off the bike (basically) and my legs were terrible. I was happy just to be riding though. I also rode in this morning after two nights of 5 hours or less sleep and a hangover. I thought i was going to vomit a few times. I was also brushed (literally) by an SUV. I tried to chase them down, but they caught the light we were approaching. Idiots.

Thank goodness the Holidays are over after tonight. I might go ride downtown DC tomorrow just for fun. Depends on the wifey-poo and what her plans are.

The bike I'm getting in a couple weeks...

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