Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miles for Breakfast, Salads for Lunch, Intervals for Dinner

I finally had a good idea.

Ben and I are going to start doing interval workouts here in the business park twice a week. We shall commence this Saturday morning around 9 am. As i write this blog i'm trying to convince Ben to roll over here at five to check it out with me.

Its a one mile loop
It has minimal traffic. There is one stop sign we would use as a yield on the top left of the loop. The intersection on the bottom right side is only for traffic traveling counter clockwise.

Anyway, on top of interval workouts there i figured its a good place to add another 5-10 miles each day.

Anything else i should be doing to train?

1 comment:

Watkins said...

I think you should eat more than just salads,personally.....

Regardless,you're still my hero.