Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fall's weather shuffle

Again, fall has changed its mind and the weather overnight (literally). I went to bed with it being somewhere around 60 degrees last night. I was immensely excited about getting up and onto the bike, but like Christmas morning in the south i walked outside to find the weather not how i hoped it would be, which was also like Christmas morning in the south...high 30's and pouring rain.
Luckily last night i dropped by the bike shop to chat it up with the guys and see if we sold any bikes. Anyway, while i was there i bought a pair of leg warmers. These are just ANY leg warmers, they are special(ized), they have thermal fabric on the front side to help with warmth as leg warmers should. Well due to the rain i soaked all the way through and while undressing for a quick shower i noticed that my legs had a cool red/white wave design down them from the leg warmers thermal portion. The white being where the thermalness was and red being where it was not. It was like Moses was walking from my knee cap down to my ankle via my shin.

The shuffle thing has started to get old. i find myself skipping a lot of stuff. Mostly because i find that Blood Brothers followed by Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan just doesn't work. I need something between the two. Also, i believe this just leaves me craving Radiohead.

Its about time to go get wet again. The temp since i checked it this morning at 10 has only risen two degrees...41 F.

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