Friday, December 19, 2008


I took a new route this morning and i was super excited because for the past few weeks I've completely sucked at cycling and i found that my cleats were maladjusted so i basically pedaling from the middle of my foot. My cycling skills not only suck in the dept of speed and endurance but also maintenance and style (including riding position).

Regardless though, i was hopeful that this could cure my inability to hold a decent pace. So i proceeded forward this morning excited only to continue my slothfulness. I kept pushing forward harder and i took a new road (Catharpin) because it adds a few extra miles onto my route and its less travel by cars. I was feeling strong on all the little hills i climbed but overall i just couldn't hack it. Finally i made another attempt to bolt up a small short climb and right at the top i died. I went gasping for air and i slowed to a running pace. I gained a slight increase in speed but i bonked. I am very familiar with the feeling. At first i thought maybe it was that little climb? But no, every time i thought i could gather momentum, my body reminded me of its lack of energy.

My diet lately has been one of frugality (wow that's actually a word...weird). My diet includes things like chicken salads, black beans and rice with chicken, a light burrito (not eating the whole thing), turkey subs, turkey sandwiches, whole grain cereal, occasionally a few fig newtons or triscuts, and lots of water. I'm still losing weight and I'm thinking my riding performance is a result of my change in diet a little while back. Maybe i should cool it on shedding pounds. I've lost 35lbs since i started this blog. that's a lot. I'm below 180 in the nude, about 180 or 183 fully clothed.
(I'm becoming masterful with mspaint)

Today is my office's Secret Santa day. I got my immediate boss which he's easy. I think he literally has 30 black bears on his desk (I'll take a picture to prove it)...its kind of unbelievable unless you see it. It might even be 34 but i can't remember if that's counting the pictures around too.
Anyway, everyone in the office is playing Christmas music, its awesome. I'm not though. Still switching between Fiona Apple and Bon Iver (which coincidentally means Good Winter so its kind of Christmas music?). Bon Iver will always remind me of a wild Monday...pretty awesome day and Dan and Darryl have proof on their phone and they weren't even there. go figure.

My title pictures will change but the style will stay the same. I took some silly pictures of Zack in Micheal's last week. they make me smile. i hope they do the same for you.

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