Monday, December 15, 2008

Sick day...

today I'm taking a break from making bombs at Lockheed. I'm playing hooky. Except i still got up pretty early, so that i could meet Ben on his ride into work.

It was pretty brutal out. I got out on the bypass and there was a nice big head wind, which means until i see Ben and get to turn around its all into the wind for me. We passed each other around 14.5 miles out, so i did a U-E (how do you type that out?). The difference in effort-to-result was astounding...went from like 15-17 mph to 27-29. ugh. Unfortunately i can't pedal that fast because of my lacking more than one gear ratio and its a small one at that. Anyhow, Ben and i screwed around taking turns leaving each other in the dust, though with his bigger gear and the nice tail wind we had, he had a much bigger advantage. It was definitely fun though.

We got to the bike shop and since i had WAY overdressed, i pulled everything off and grabbed a water bottle and left. I was freezing for a bit but it was much better than before when i was sweating like a pig. Its currently super nice outside despite the wind. So i was out in shorts and a arm warmers, no knee warmers, no shoe covers, etc. So nice, except for the wind. I went back into the wind after a couple miles and that remained until the last 2 miles which had its share of nasty gusts for crosswinds.

It ended with 50 miles at around 2:45 maybe 2:40. My time on the comp didn't reset, only miles did. But i know about how long i rode yesterday.

I need to do that once or so a week. That was only my second time riding that far (first time on single speed). I feel happy.

Leaving here shortly (one to pick up my winter gear that i left at the shop) and two, to go to my buddies place so we can start our journey to Philly to see Bon Iver!
To hear his music, you can visit here-

You should have come Darryl...I'll buy you a t-shirt.


GenghisKhan said...

Just surfed to your blog--I like your use of sick days!

KOA said...

Thanks Man. In full it was a great day.