Monday, December 8, 2008

Waiting on the Sun...

My day at work is usually broken up by a few small things like
I also occasionally visit CNN but nothing cool is happening there...

This morning was freezing. My seat somehow last week moved back and tilted a bit down. I had achieved a riding position i liked only to lose where is was in a week. I also need to fix my computer.

We finally got snow here in Nova. Wasn't much but nice enough. I unfortunately was not on my bike but in the movie theater seeing the new Bond movie. If i can't be on the bike, the next best place is in the theater. I LOVE movies.

I've been feeling like crap on the bike for about a month now, but Ben chalks it up to it being cold outside. My performance has dropped, not terribly but enough to notice. I've never ridden in such freezing temps so this is a new experience. On top of the cold, is the dark. I dread getting on my bike to go home at night. Just about every night i get a brush from a car or two. Agitating and honestly-a tad bit scary.

I'll be happy once it warms up and the sun hangs around longer.

I have new equipment to buy now. This morning it was below 20. Way too cold. I still rode but i have to get some nicer gloves.

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