Tuesday, December 2, 2008

German Computers and Killer Frost.

As i left my house yesterday i did the usual things like packing my back pack, strategically pack my cell phone, wallet and keys in certain pockets, suit up, reset my computer, lock the door, clip in and roll out. I was running late that morning so i did those things in a very speedy manner and also because i was running late, i took the very short route to work (7.5 miles). Well the past couple rides I've been feeling much stronger and in turn, faster, and that particular morning i think i had a tailwind to boot. With all this in mind, i was moving along quite well after already putting a mile or so behind me, specially since i immediately head straight up hill leaving my neighborhood for this route. I glance down to see just how "well" i was moving along, the only thing was my computer was flashing an unusual German word. Confused and annoyed i tried pushing all 3 buttons in different sequences and patterns only to find more German words and being that i slept my way through High School German (and pulled large scale pranks...)i couldn't hardly understand any of the simple words that represent things such as -clock, hour, etc.
(That is not my bike...also if you look closely you can see a cut and paste of grass to cover up the stupid brake)

I still need to fix my bike computer...

Today i had a doctor's appointment to check out my "pre-cancer" and see what steps i need to take to insure i don't develop a actual case of cancer. But alas, i woke up at 7:25 after turning off my commuter alarm at 6:30 thinking my other alarm would wake me (which it did not). Well waking up at 7:25 wouldn't be so bad if my appointment wasn't at 7:30. So i basically got up and just got into the car. To add to my being late there was a nice inch of "frost" on my windshield that i had to scrape off, so i got off as much needed to be safe and roared down the road, only to crest that hill and face the sun and a now glazed over windshield rendering me blind. Unused to being blind in a vehicle i panicked and eventually came to a stop and cleared my windshield in the spot that somehow developed ice on it after removing it.

After almost wrecking because of frost, i arrived at the hospital only about 15 mins late...not too bad. Then i showed up signed in and the lady said she had no idea who i was...great. She phoned two other skin doc's and one said "yeah he's supposed to be here", which "here" is across town. So not only was i late but i was at the wrong freaking building. ugh.

All of that preventing me from riding my bike today. i almost drove home on my lunch break just to ride it back and forth. but i didn't. I'm not that hardcore.

Also, congrads to Darryl for winning the football pool.

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