Friday, December 12, 2008

FAIL-winter woes

Last night was pretty brutal. I almost got naked right inside my front door just to get out of my wet clothes.
There is a section of my commute where i pass a ton of cars every night due to traffic. When i approached that section last night i found it difficult to be able to see since the water on the goggles mixed with their brake lights caused an odd red glare rendering me basically blind.
If they wrote a book about it that would be the cover. But like the goggles I'm sure it would fail as well. Just like the movie about the actual Novel did.

With that said, the Bears won last night. I almost put money on it but i didn't which i think I'm happy about it because there was a 3 point spread and i was considering betting on the spread until i saw NO's past losses and point differences in those losses. But games I'm putting money on...Titans to beat their 3.5 point spread. SEA to beat their 2.5 point spread. AZ to beat their 3 point spread. Should be good "investments".

I'm ready for the sun to stay around a bit longer. I'm sick and tired of riding in the dark.

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