Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Convict Colony

I love Queen. I wish Freddie Mercury was still amazing singer. Killer Queen is a fantastic song. Who doesn't love Somebody to Love? and if you aren't sold there, there is always Bicycle Race which for me seals the deal.

I've been flopping around about 5 CD's lately which include a very odd mix...

  • Plans by Death Cab For Cutie
  • Queen Greatest Hits
  • Self Titled by One Day as a Lion
  • Niggy Tadust by Saul Williams
  • Hide Nothing by FSF
Its weird to see Plans on there. I'm a little embarrassed about that one. But its one of those nostalgia things...

Yesterday night was like a Nike commercial again w/rain, darkness, and me on a bike. I burned it up again. I avg crap mph on the way in and i turned it up 1.5 mph on the avg mph for the day, so to do that over the same distance I'd have to be really hauling.

I decided to give my legs a rest today and let them recover after being on that track bike, pushing that one gear up and down and all around. Tomorrow I'll be back at it hard and Friday too. Saturday take it easy but still ride, and Sunday is the MTB race. I'm excited.

Buy a newspaper and save it for someone in 30 years. I have one from today and one from when Obama won the primaries. yes...

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