Monday, November 17, 2008

Chris Martin <3's = signs.

Mid week last week i got sick. Just woke up one morning and it felt like someone had crapped in my skull. Now despite my efforts to become well, I've gotten worse. Now i am hacking away. I didn't ride yesterday or today. Yesterday was a rest day but today it was i couldn't justify getting ready just to ride 7 miles to work. The reason for the 7 was, because i woke up late since i stayed up to watch the Redskin offense squander another game.

I'm currently listening to Bush's Golden State because of the alphabetical order on my windows media player. I haven't heard this album in a while. Gaven Rossdale hasn't done anything interesting since...
In a few minutes i think I'm going to go buy Coldplay's new album. Any objections? I find Chris Martin to be slightly annoying in his antics, but i don't know him personally so that's an unfair judgment.
That picture is also a little unfair but oh well...I am still buying their cd's, in fact once i buy this one, i believe I'll own everything they released. But to their credit X&Y was the only one that was complete crap and even that has a couple good songs.

Our A-1 Cycling team is generating a small amount of interest. We are looking for a company to redo our jersey's because the last bunch just don't look cool plus we need shorts and stuff. We also have a race we are organizing this coming April at Old Dominion Race Track. It will be a series of track events. I might try and have fun with it.

Bon Iver Dec 1 Philadelphia.

Well i hope this sickness fades quickly because it really takes a toll on my cycling ability and life in general. But mostly i lack energy on a bike. I think this is going to be a cold winter. Its never this cold this early in the year here. I didn't turn the heat on yesterday night and when we got up this morning is was edging close to 50 degrees INSIDE my house. Outside it was below freezing.


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