Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Cycling and Viva La Vida=a decent album

Well after buying Viva La Vida (and we'll leave the title at that...) by Coldplay, i was very pleasantly surprised to find it was a superb album.I liked Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head. Both good albums in their own respect. But again i think X&Y was pure diabolical crap. Not even pop friendly. After giving Coldplay another shot, i gave X&Y another shot but it failed...It seems they have only one good song on there, which being that its the second single released from that album, it was played out like reruns of Friends.

So giving Coldplay the benefit of the doubt, why the bad Junior album...Well it would seem that the only variable is the producer, which we know to have a profound effect on album's outcome as seen in bands such as ATDI, Incubus, The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and anyone who chooses to work with Rick Ruben. The First two albums were produced by a guy named Ken Nelson who apparently knows good music, while X&Y was produced by Danton Supple who doesn't know good music. And Coldplay's latest effort is produced by the well known genious by the name Brian Eno. Mr. Eno could only help in the musical dept, because Coldplay still escaped the studio in these ridiculous get-ups...
They look like they were extra's from the movie The Patriot about to betray their homeland fighting alongside Mel Gibson...may God help them...and their sensibilities of style because Eno has failed them.

On a different note...
I've discovered a great comic series called Yehuda Moon
I implore everyone to subscribe to this. Though it may help if you are a cycling enthusiast and/or work in a bike shop.

Also, i've seen the first signs of black ice and snow on my morning commute. agh. I also suffered from a cold burn this morning. I was wearing shoe covers and knee warmers amongst my other cold weather gear. But this left only my face and a portion of my shins exposed to the icy wind. I got to work and the reddened part of my legs were noticably swollen and aching. I dont know the exact temperature except some would say it was "F-ing Cold", which is just about as accurate as you can get. It was snowing a tad this afternoon.

This is my first real winter cycling, being that in Alabama was the only time i rode year-round and the coldest it got there was MAYBE 40. And 40 is just about perfect in my opinion for riding...maybe 45.

But then again, i would love to feel like Andy Hampsten, even if its only in my mind...

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