Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day Off and the end for Poptarts

Since i work with the gov't i got yesterday off. It wasn't given as a holiday, but my boss said we weren't going to be doing anything because our customers weren't going to be in their offices, so i stayed home or at least stayed away from the office.

Despite having the day off i woke up at 630 just like most days. Before an hour could pass i was on my bike in below freezing weather heading to meet Ben some 20 miles away. I was trying to take it easy so when i got to his house and we rode back the exact same way i came, that i could do a sufficient amount of pulling instead of just sitting in his massive draft. Though taking it easy might just be harder than suffering immensely later. Its hard not to push that extra bit to sit around 25mph on flats, because cruising at 25 is fun, and i also love to blow up hills as hard as a i can. Anyhow, i still restrained myself as much as possible to take it easy for the first 20. So i got there just at an hour and coincidentally he was walking out his door as i was riding up. Now that we were riding together i thought maybe we could turn it up a notch and haul back towards Manassas, which we did. We said maybe 4 things to each other within the first few miles and after that all we did was switch pacing. It ended up being a great ride, just a bit over 20 mph for 43 miles. I was happy. The only problem riding a single speed is on downhills you don't get to go as fast, and where as they might be a slight recovery spot, on a single speed its not. I dread them more because now i have to control my legs whipping around the crank wicked fast. agh.

The rest of my day went like this...
  • Went to the bike shop to say hello and pick up a couple things, ended up helping Ben with the rush of costumers that came in for about an hour...
  • Went shopping for some stuff for my wife
  • Picked up Hell Boy 2 and frozen pizza's
  • Played Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Los Vegas on PS3
  • Did dishes and laundry
  • napped
It was a good day.

I eat Poptarts every morning for some silly reason. I know its one of the many things that are bad for you, but yeah thats my breakfast. ew. Anyway, i've officially burned out on them and won't be buying them for a couple more years. yuck. i'm wondering what i should do for breakfast now...cereal-no, eggs and toast-no, hmm....ideas?

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Al-Han Quolo said...

Sorry mate. Test come and go. But I have two new posts! Keep the comments coming.