Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Last Mention...

Every time i hear the opening track to Viva La Vida i think of Frou Frou, and more than that i think of that mind consuming song Let Go.
Despite having that one resembling quality to the Frou Frou album and the song Let Go i would say Viva La Vida is an album in stark contrast. While i thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy the song Let Go for its incredible pop sensibilities i wouldn't say that it has depth nor does the album it hails from. This is something my friend and i disagree on, he seems to think Coldplay's 4th effort at making music "lacks depth". Now instead of arguing with him which is something we do often but remain friends, i decided to one up him and blog it and save the arguing for later or not at all (remember my friend, this is all in fun). This allows for some disconnect.

Viva La Vida songs are stuffed full of "depth" with complex rhythms, cool layering, interesting sounds, and their typical pop credibility. I would venture to say that even Johnny Greenwood wishes he'd thought of some of the cool textures and weird sounds present at times (see middle of Track 4 for example 1 of 2). I think i even heard a time signature change in the best track of the album Death and All His Friends, but i was too lazy to sit and count and I'm not musically talented enough to definitively say it was or wasn't, but regardless it was cool.

Though I praise this album i remain a Coldplay critic. Mostly because while they make good music most of the time, i think it would sound better coming from the bands they are copying. We covered Track 1 already. Track 2, 5, & 9 might as well say U2 for Artist. A toned down version of Arcade Fire is heard in Track 3. I also think Thom Yorke & Co. helped Chris out writing Track 4, 6 and 10. To Coldplay's credit they own the title track (Track 7), its Clocks with violins. Also, for a while i convinced Track 8 was written by Billy Joel.
And as for their complex rhythms, it really not supposed to be plural. Because for about 5 of the songs they use the same rhythm.

i think i just ruined the album for myself. yep i did.

I have yet to see a day as nasty as the one in the picture, but i saw plenty of black ice again today. My new Light & Motion is supposed to arrive at the shop tomorrow, so I'll probably take a short route home and stop by the shop. My new handlebars and brakes are arriving too, so i don't have to ride bullhorns all stretched out anymore...thank God. This way i don't almost run off the road once or twice a night.

ride to work.


Watkins said...

I commend you for riding your bike in cold weather.If I were to ever be driving on the same road as you and it was snowing outside and I see you riding,I will gladly ask if you want a ride.

KOA said...

haha. i would appreciate the offer...but politely decline. check out this link...