Monday, September 22, 2008

Washington DC Bike Race

Yesterday i went to the Crit in DC.

It was a ton of fun. I felt like a giddy little girl seeing some people i recognized like Vaughters and Vandevelde, Pate, Frischkorn. Last time i felt like that, i was in DC at a show and i saw Ian McKaye and Henry Rollins walking around. I also ran into an old coworker of mine at the race who's a Pro-Photog. and i stole these photo's from his flickr site...

as you can see, there are no pictures. he has apparently blocked everyone from getting his pictures. so i'll have to use mine, which are on my camera. hmmm....tricky.


gregg said...

oh snap! you saw rollins and mckay walking around? now i am soooo envious!

KOA said...

Yeah McKaye was playing a show at Fort Reno (in the band The Evens). He was just walking around before and after. And Rollins was too. I about lost it when i saw him.
Fort Reno is a free show venue in DC and its all outdoors. So it was a little unreal.