Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That long post felt like homework...

Lance wants to buy the Tour De France
or here
Why? I just don't get it. That kind of ruins things in my opinion. More depressing news. Its like when Micheal Jordan owned the Wizards and played on them too...just go away. Of all the things we wish would come back, Lance isn't one of them, and now he's BUYING the tour? Does anyone care what Paul McCartney is doing? no, which is not entirely the same because if Lennon was around I'm sure we'd care, but still the point is there.

I had a great ride last night, besides the fact that the last 30 mins were in the dark (without a light). I'm kind of sad because we go to Paris on Friday, and that's 9 days without riding. The good thing is that i should have my road bikes back this week and be back in my house when we get back and i'll be able to continue my commute to work via bike. OH. that's right. Also, after talking to the lawyer again yesterday, all we'd be able to do is sue for damages, not bail on the house. Its cool though. I love living in Bristow, better places to ride.

I was just reading an article. And it seems like Contador is a little mad at Levi for almost beating him in the Vuelta. That's too bad. Sounds like whining to me. I hope Levi and Contador leave Astana, and it would be even better if they went to two different teams. Also, Lance is going to Astana for sure now.

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