Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paris Je T'aime

  • Friday i leave with my wife and my parents for Paris, pretty excited. Bon Iver and TV on the Radio will both be there while i'm there. tempting to skip the Louvre for a bit of Skinny Love.
  • After chatting with the lawyer last night and reviewing signed documents, we might be bailing on our *new* house. We might just dump it on the previous owner. We would have to go find an apartment. Its ridiculous. i want to punch someone in the nose.
  • I have yet to shave my legs...i remember being so happy i wouldn't be doing that anymore but i feel like a Sasquatch every time i hop on my bike. maybe i'll try waxing at least it wouldnt be everyday.
  • Also someone tried to scam me out of my beloved Alesis Synth after i posted it for sale on craiglist
I almost ate pavement hard last night. I was on the backside of about a 7 to 8 mile loop, and the backside is, for the most part, a slight downhill. I was on my mtb because to get to the beautiful loop you have to ride about 3 miles of fire roads. Anyway, i was laying on my handlebars, rolling TT style, and i was flying, i mean really cooking. I was looking straight down, basically between my legs for a second and as i'm looking back up (so not to crash) and i notice a grey blur dart on the right side of my bike did a 180 and right as i was passing (in that split second) decided to go back, which meant going under my front wheel. It was a tree rat trying to sike me out. Well being that my forearms were sweaty and my position on the bike, there was no way that wasnt going to end in disaster. But luckily i nearly missed him. I'm not sure how because from my view i was already on top of him. anyway, it freaked me out a bit.

In other news. At this point i'm predicting a Cowboys vs Broncos superbowl. St. Louis may repeat the Dolphins previous season record. i also won $5 after the Chargers finally got a win.

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