Friday, September 26, 2008

Like a Nike Commercial

I went out riding last night as soon as i got to my parents house from work. The night before i strapped up with a long sleeve jersey for the first time in ages and last night i added to that a jacket, i'm glad i'm basically the same size as i was years ago.

Anyhow, the conditions were fun. lots of rain and cold. I think i got in somewhere around 20 miles. Which for my conditioning and being on a POS mtb, is pretty good. My road bike is still in the shop and will be for a while.

Last night i think is my last time going out to train for a while. My wife and i should be back in our own house oct 5th, the day we get back. So i'll revert back to commuting. I'm also planning on making the evenings a bit longer by riding for a couple hours on the rollers when i get home. I think thats the best i can do with my schedule, make saturdays and sundays super long days. The Haymarket bike shop has a few local rides posted on their website that are 60 miles and up. So we'll see. I haven't trained in years.

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