Friday, September 19, 2008

Columbus, Ohio

So i noticed somebody from Columbus, Ohio was viewing my blog. thats odd. Who lives in Columbus, Ohio?

That tracker thing
is the reason i couldnt continue with my old blog and why i had to start this one.

On top of that. i just went to the bike shop on my lunch break to see how the soaking of my Ti bike was going...being that my bottom bracket casing bonded with the frame, and i found that they were soaking it in none other than Coca-Cola!Thats right. coke. my favorite drink. Not only do they promote Love and Peace in their commercials BUT they also can fix bikes. go figure.

Also, who lives in Bloomingburg, NY? I'm so confused.

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-a little shout out so i dont get fined or arrested.


AH said...

Just imagine what Coke does to your insides...

illumination for Augustan said...

yeah...but its so good.