Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two a Days. and an UPDATE

I just got back from Borders and i bought 3 books for my journey to Paris-
  • From Lance to Landis
    • I'm really hoping this gets me in the "in" crowd in France, i think it might
  • On the Road
  • Stuff White People Like
    • just in case i forget.
Also, is it wrong to use Borders like a library? I mean, technically i could return this books after i get back from my trip. I spent somewhere around $60. I am seriously considering it.

On top of all of that. there is this...Ivan Basso
"He split hairs, however, when he faced the Italian disciplinary commission in May 2007.

Basso admitted only to giving blood to alleged Puerto ringleader Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes with only “the intention of doping” and that his 2006 Giro crown and other previous victories were achieved in an “honest manner.”

Italian authorities handed down a two-year ban, but reduced it to 16 months after considering the amount of time he didn’t race following his expulsion ahead of the 2006 Tour and his return with Discovery Channel in January 2007."

So, if his "honest manner" is true, why was he researching doping? If you winning without doping, why dope? I'm sorry to say that Basso obviously doesn't think through what he says very well, because that theory doesn't hold water.

**i believe i found a bike race to participate in. Its a mountain bike race, which is cool. I think i'm going to enter as a beginner due to the fact that the only races i've ever participated in were my bike club ITT's back in 2001-2002. I skipped the ITT state championships for some stupid reason. Anyway, this will be great. Darryl do it! Now i have a reason to get the SPD pedals and shoes and i can get ride of my rat traps and running shoes.

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