Monday, June 1, 2009

Man, i love Chipotle

Did the Bryan Park Circuit race yesterday. It was my first CAT 4 race...not any different than any CAT 5 race i've been in. Not sure what to make of that.

They had prime's (free burrito @ Chipotle) every other lap for the middle part of the race. I went for the first one. got it. made a couple jokes with the guy i beat for it. To be honest it was a fairly boring race but fast enough (for me) that i wouldn't be able to get away and stay away, besides the fact i can fair pretty well in any sprint, so any 'fun' that could be had was well received.

6 laps to go i started sliding out in the turns. rear tire was flat. i panicked, yelled for my wife to grab my other wheels (not in the pit, but in the costly mistake). too late though. pack made it around just before she got back. i said forget it...i got my free burrito, no reason to chase for 5 laps and finish dead last. I should have continued on the half flat tire another lap, my wife would have been back, i could have changed it out and been rolling again.

Dan Baur grabbed 7th, just in the points. thats awesome.


Al-Han Quolo said...

Jealousy ensues from reading your post about chipotle. Why WV why?

KOA said... awesome is Chipotle.

Sorry you have to suffer over there, but then again, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Greg said...

they were giving them away for free to everyone after the race.

KOA said...

woah what?

like the little chipotle gift cards? or the burritos? because i knew about the burritos...but i'm going to feel not so very special if they were giving away the gift cards that i expended so much energy to obtain on that fateful lap.

AH said...

Yeah but you can say you *earned* your burrito. Kinda like Smith-Barney: "We get burritos the old fashioned way -- we *earn* them."

KOA said...

Thanks for making me feel better. With that said, despite i'm still out of the loop on the "smith-barney" reference.

AH said...

I'm an old fart. Skip ahead to 0:26 and you'll see what I'm talking about. I think this is ca. 1986.