Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reston Gp (3/4)

In short. i suffered through my first 3 race. was in the top 10 with 2 to go. had all 3 teammates around including Larry to lead me out and i wrecked.

Possibilities of why-
1.Tubular rolled of the rim when booking around that hard corner.
2.caught the edge of the rim
3.clipped the pedal on the pavement? dont think so.
4. out of ideas.

I'm pretty sure my front tubular rolled of the rim. I was assured that the tires and what not were in great working condition.

my teammate Larry salvaged 4th.

In the 4 race (which i wasn't present for) i got an introduction. wtf? called a sprinting phenom by the race announcer? (i will say this though, it makes my cuts hurt a little less)
pic thanks to Jim Wilson


AH said...

Sometimes it's tough to tell whether a rolled tubie caused a crash or came off as a result. However, be warned that I know of a couple guys who were given 10-day suspensions for rolling tires that caused crashes.

I'd double check that rear tire if I were you. And find a new mechanic to glue your tires.

KOA said...

Yeah i bought the wheels from a team mate just a few days ago and now he feels bad about it (that and he wrecked right behind me).

after your tubasti fiasco, do you have any recommendations for glue? mine were on with tufo tape.

and yeah i'll probably peel off the rear tire as well.

AH said...

Not used the TUFO tape, so I can't say. Some people love it, some hate it.

However you will find universal love for Vittoria Mastik One. I ordered a tub of it from I've also had good luck with Continental cement.

Calvini said...

I was in the pileup behind. I think my tire came unglued when I tried to power slide around you. Funniest part was Lance Lacy laughing his ass off trying to get his legs to uncramp.

KOA said...

thanks. i'll look for that. Dan kept bringing up tubasti to me. and instead of feeling sorry for me about wrecking out, he laughed. then proceeded to tell me why he stopped going to somerville to watch you race.

yeah everyone for the most part seemed ok, as in no serious injuries. My team mate tried to slide around me also but in doing so stripped his tire from his wheel and slammed his nice carbon rim down bare onto the asphalt. he also managed to put a hole in his knuckle the size of a quarter that required stitches. i'm thinking that may have been the worst of it.

Ryan Simpson said...

I only use the tape on my TT wheels. Mastik One is the way to go, 3 coats and you can barely get the tire off when you want to let alone roll it in a race. Hope you like the 3's.

KOA said...

Looks like Mastik One is the way to go.

i enjoyed the fact that i didn't have to buy new brake pads after my race, like i would in a CAT 4 or 5 crit.