Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturday = Fun

This weekend is another triple race weekend for me and is looking to be one of my last weekends racing.

i have a few more races lined up, but i'm 3 points off my upgrade to 3, which i don't plan on sandbagging the 4's, i'd rather line up and probably get my ass kicked which would be the remainder of the season.

So for Saturday its the Poolsville Road Race, which apparently is a big deal since it features a mile of gravel road. I really love gravel roads. Most of my routes features a gravel section or the possibility to add one, in which most cases i take it.

I guess the only difference for this race will be a higher crash/flat probability, though despite hammering away on lots of gravel roads, nailing large potholes, and weird ripple sections i've avoided flats (due to gravel roads) and wrecks (but i have come close). I hope this weekend isn't a first for either of those.

I also heard that unlike the Fawn Grove Roubaix, the "gravel road" will be mostly compact dirt versus a pool of small rocks to sink into like sand which was the case at Fawn Grove. sick!

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