Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ride Sally Ride (CAT 4)

Our race was called early, about halfway through... they called last lap. i won the sprint and thought we were going home after 10 miles of racing, but no. they called us back to the line.


They posted 10 laps to go. Josh Flexman on the last lap made the move on the inside. i had to solo sprint from the last corner to MAYBE catch the 2 trying to contend with Josh. We also passed the guy on the breakaway attempt from earlier. I was 4th.

They gave me the prime for the initial "win". I also got points for that's really what i wanted.

Still kind of disappointing, but 4th isn't bad and a prime and points for 1st.

**note-i'm now hearing that we get BOTH results. for i get results for 1st and 4th. sick.


Sigberto said...

Yeah John K (ref) told me they were bar points for the first sprint.

If you want to protest late for the top ten and need some back up, I got 6th and my friend on Evolution got fourth. I bet he'd back us up too. I'm obviously pretty pissed about how it all went down.

Sigberto said...

not bad how things turn around... you just got like 10 points for 14 miles of racing! hahahahaahaaaaa

KOA said...

yeah nice how things turned out i guess.