Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CAT 5 Lessons

#1 thing i learned as a CAT 5 (and as a married man) is to remember important dates/times. When it comes to cycling/racing i am referring to registering for races you want to race, because as most racers know that when you are a CAT 5 your group for larger, more important events fill up have to plan, set aside time, be waiting patiently, clicking the refresh button over and over again.

Now as a CAT 4 its not as important...I'm the first one registered for upcoming races. i also program my phone now too.

i am lame.


AH said...

Maybe it's just me -- I dunno -- but I hate being the first one preregistered. It's like showing up early to a party.

KOA said...

i agree. hence the "i'm lame" besides a silly post.