Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Bike

While preparing for ToWC's TT last night i finally accepted that i bought a bike way too big. I've been pondering it for quite some time. Its amazing what a few cm's in the wrong direction does.

this is the new bike...mind you i only purchased the frame/fork so everything else i'm swapping over from my other bike and i'll be selling my frame/fork.
My teammate John sold it to me. Hopefully i can get it built before to find the time.


AH said...

Are you sure it's too big? Your Giant is compact sized while the Look appears traditional -- side by side the Giant will look smaller when it reality it may well fit the same (or similarly). A good way to compare these apples vs. oranges is to compare effective top tube lengths.

KOA said...

haha oh yeah its too big.

even side by side the Look appears smaller than the compact Giant.

but the top tube length is exactly how we figured i was riding a bike 2.5cm too large. that was my original issue is i only looked at the seat tube sizing when going to purchase the bike, unaware of other variables like top tube.

i seem to have more and more CAT 5 lessons to learn.