Monday, March 2, 2009

training and racing = cluelessness

Another snow day to ruin cycling.

I took yesterday off to rest, and i tried real hard to stay away from my bike. Unfortunately if i had gone out like i'd wanted to then i could have taken a proper rest day today when cycling is near impossible (outdoors that is).

Also, another great disapointment is that the Jefferson Cup (CAT 5) filled up in "5 mins". Leaving me to do nothing that weekend except sulk or train. probably the latter or maybe both. Regardless i have to rethink what races i'm going to do.

Fawn Grove Roubaix?
Tysons Corner Crit?
Tour of Walkersville?

i dont know. Certainly not all 3. Fawn Grove sounds like a lot of fun, Tysons is a big event nearby, and i know nothing about Walkersville except its a Road Race that is 40 miles for my CAT.

Honestly, i feel clueless as to what i'm doing. My training is random at best, consistent but random as to the workouts. My plans for racing are also random. I have no idea what i'm good at. And while i feel like i'm training hard, i dont feel that strong. I'm really hoping that working with the guys from 540 Cycling will help immensely. We'll see.

Now i have to go an email to my Uncle, telling him to leave my political convictions alone. ugh.

intervals on the rollers tonight. best i can think of.


AH said...

Don't stress the racing -- just do a bunch of races and you'll start to figure out what you like and what you do well at (hopefully they're the same).

I wouldn't stress the training too much either. At this point just *riding* is the best thing you can do. Group rides will be really helpful as they'll build a whole ton of skills and give you a quality workout. Do a solid year of riding consistently and then worry about a "program."

Just make sure you get enough recovery. All cyclists (being obsessive-compulsive freaks) tend to overtrain somewhat, and new cyclists are among the worst of the lot. My philosophy FWIW is it's better to be slightly undertrained than overtrained.

My $0.02.

KOA said...

thanks for the advice.

I had set my "program" to *riding* and making my way up to CAT 4 this year. But after my first race and a good turn out i got a bit of ants in the pants.
I also forget its still barely march.