Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me want FOOOOOOOD! (30 rock)

This morning i was set to go do my first group ride with team 540 Cycling. I thought about riding the extra 20 miles down to meet them but i didn't want to risk the chance of being obliterated and subsequently embarrassed at my inability to hang on to a moderate pace. So i drove...good choice.

I got up early to switch my tires from my fixie over to my road bike, and do a bit of other bike maintenance, of which all i got done was the tires. I was running late so i grabbed some food (poptarts and a cliff bar) and two liters of water and rolled out.

It was cold out and i was late, half dressed, and slightly unprepared. great start and a great impression. So i hurried up and we set off. Unfortunately i left my cliff bar in the car and all i had eaten was the poptarts. great. So about 30 miles into the ride i started to get tired and eventually i cracked. i struggled desperately the last 12-14 miles. It also didn't help that due to the streamline thinness of my new saddle, that i was sitting about 2 or 3 inches too low and my pedal stroke felt like doing intense squats the whole time.

Besides the poptarts and a post ride bowl of cereal, i didn't eat anything till about 4. so i crashed and felt horrible. i ate again around 6 and now i feel fine.

Also, i just bought an ipod (shuffle). my commutes will become slightly more entertaining.

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