Thursday, March 12, 2009


Free Chick-Fil-A continues on the morning commute. tomorrow is the last day. The chicken biscuit.

I'm still losing weight. down to 176. 160 here i come!

I'm also still sick.

Pounded out 30 miles last night. horrible headwind and crosswind. nearly blew me off the bike at one point. huge head wind on a fixed is lots'o'fun.

Supposed to snow tomorrow morning. what? i just packed my winter gear up for the 2nd time.

Bought two new pairs of bibs during my lunch break after having worn the same pair this entire week so far...i know ew gross. i take two showers a day, only because of the shorts issue. Really i just have bad hygiene.

I'm enjoying "watching" Paris-Nice every morning this week.

Caps will probably lose to the Flyers tonight.

I'm meeting up with Dan for dinner tomorrow. He's in Rockville.

Group ride tonight with

i often confuse A with 4. weird.

I'm registered (in-time, opposed to wait list) for Fawn Grove Roubaix.

My ankle is doing a tad better.


AH said...

say hi to my bro.

KOA said...

i will if he doesnt bail on me.