Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ankle Problems

Today has started off great. i dropped my car off at the auto shop across town, pulled my bike out of the back and left for work. On my way my ankle was giving me a ton of problems. About 3 weeks ago i slipped on my stairs and jammed my foot into the floor sideways in order to prevent myself from falling down the stairs. At this point i think i would have rather fallen down a flight of stairs, mostly because i think the resulting injuries wouldnt be as bad, but its hard to prevent a natural reaction (not that sideways was a natural response).

It actually was giving problems last night post-ride. I took ibuprofen and put an ice pack on as i went to bed. it may have helped a bit, but who knows.

On top of all that i woke up with sinus problems, which isnt uncommon but usually the ride clears that up, except for this instance. ugh

Oh, not to mention i missed another registration opening for another race. So i'm probably not racing till the 29th when i attempt my first road race. This is probably a good thing due to my current ankle issue. Now only if i could convince myself to take it easy for a little.

Any chance it could be caused by a poor cleat placement on my road shoe? idk.

i had a great 40 mile ride last night. new route.

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