Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing exciting.

Nothing awesome happening. Not that there really ever has been. But especially not now.

I had a nice 40 mile bonk through the plains last Saturday (don't be deceived by the town name...a few little hills there).

Mentally trying to recover after multiple bad rides.

Road towards the plains via the fixie (46x15) up short sections of 10% or more. Finally bailed on the switchbacks and continued on towards the plains after i almost wrenched my handlebars off the bike. decent ride all-in-all.

Beautiful day yesterday (over 60 degrees), the white legs are starting to get some sun. 30 miles.

Registered now for 4 races in April. I'm aiming for 5 in May which would make me Cat 4 by June.

Riding with some guys from the team Sat up Mt Weather. I'm excited to test myself, but not excited at the probability of getting dropped.

While i used to be good at climbing and ITT's , I'm slowly realizing I'm bigger now and these skinny guys have a decent advantage over me going up these tough slopes. I still could be decent at ITT's though. I haven't attempted to out of fear of not being as good as i used to be.

I'm apprehensive to try the local Wednesday night ride. A bunch of 1/2/3's show up and pound it out.

Milan-San Remo is 300km? wtf?!

Hiking Season is over for me. I didn't get to go at all. Dan bailed on the only trip we had planned (mind you, it was a good excuse). I did do the daks with him back in Sept though...Looking at two trips for next winter. Also planning on trail running/Fast packing the Pen-Mar Section of the AT (40+ miles) in September with a buddy that is currently in Iraq.

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