Monday, February 9, 2009

46x15 and a "whiny" performance

My wife and i hung around at my inlaws last night so i could catch the performance by Radiohead on TV. i couldn't care any less for the Grammy's than i already do, but with the prospect of a performance by Radiohead and MIA left me glued to the screen enduring painful acts by The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesny, and other country acts. The credibility of the Grammy's is bankrupt and somehow manages each year to lose even more integrity with Best New Artist Noms like: Adele, Duffy (who for a while i thought was Hillary Duff trying a new gig), Jonas Brothers, amongst others, while completely ignoring acts like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and the Smashing Pumpkins v2.0 (j/k, just to clarify). And while i doubt 90% of that audience and American population know who Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver are, it still stands to say that either of those bands deserves at the very least a nomination, and against that competition, a win.
Yet this year there was some justification...Radiohead winning Best Album of the Year. Daft Punk winning dance album, The Mars Volta in all their insanity got nominated for one and won, Coldplay beat out Metallica for best "rock" album...that's got to hurt, and of course the Radiohead performance, which to me would be worth sitting through that entire God-awful show again. My mother in law leans over during their performance and asks "Now, whats so good about them?" to which i was in such shock all i could manage to say was "Because they are the best band in the world", my wife uttered something more reasonable but i believe it fell on deaf ears.
I also heard from a friend that someone had mentioned the entire show being "good" save the Radiohead portion which they found "whiny"...and if i had that said to me, i might have blacked out, only to have awaken with bloodied fists and a corpse laying dead in front of me.

Saturday i worked at the bike shop and due to all the nasty winter weather i needed to replace parts of my drive chain, particularly the 3/32 chain that was stretched out like a bankrupt whore. I wanted to switch to a realistically more durable chain, so i got a 1/2x1/8 w/o hollow pins...which i think weighs a solid 2 lbs. Also, i had to change the rear cog to a 1/8 type and so i switched from 16t to 15t making my hills just that much harder. i think for my a while my performance on my bike might come off as "whiny".

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