Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New stuff

I had a ton of people pop by here looking for blogs/pictures from the Snowball. If you still are then here are some links to a few photo pages:

Well i had one of the worst rides of my life last night. I figured i would go out and do a longer ride after work. Unfortunately i didn't get out of here until 530. I went a new way, which apparently included a 2-3 mile dirt road. Not to mention on my ride in i got a flat which means my back tire was half full because my CO2 pump wasn't working right. Also, my light decided to die mid-ride, right as it was getting really dark. Oh, my new seat rubbed my inner thigh raw. and finally, the temp dropped about 15 degrees after the sun went down and i was dressed super light. I also cut the ride 10 miles shorter and skipped the climb i was heading to go do...i still got in 30 but it wasn't fun.

oh and my computer is broken and so i have only a general idea of my pace and performance. YES!

Well despite the bad ride, i was still happy. But my thigh is still raw and that seat still sucks, so during my lunch break i took my buddy's truck over to the shop and bought a Specialized Toupe. its a sweet seat. They run about $160. I've put so much money into my new road bike within a week.

Also, it looks like there is a team i can join. 540 cycling. Emailed the guy today and it sounds great. they have a cool kit to boot.

This weekend I'm going to skip the Trade Zone Series and be down trying to climb Mt Weather for the first time. hopefully not alone. we'll see.


AH said...

I've fully embraced dorkdom on my winter/shite weather bike: Fenders, light mounts, and even a frame pump. Yes, a full size under-the-top-tube frame pump.

Cos a double flat and then effing up a CO2 cartridge REALLY sucks.

KOA said...

yeah my winter bike is the same...fenders, two lights on the back, one w/giant battery on front, specialized armadillo tires, but i have yet to convert to the frame pump.

i had better luck with my CO2 cartridge this evening when i flatted leaving work, of course it was 50 degrees compared to the 15 that it was the other morning. I'm ready for summer, or at least consistently 50 and up.

darryl said...

540 Cycling? That's freakin' awesome you rep Stafford!

Al-Han Quolo said...

hey sounds like you did well racing. i saw pics on fb. i wanna come see some time.