Thursday, February 19, 2009


My bike has arrived at the shop, been built, exchanged some parts (like the crank), added Look KeO Sprint pedals, and had a jog around the parking lot.

As excited as i am to venture forth in the cycling world once more on a geared bike, i find myself thinking...gears suck. But, maybe I'm just scared of them. I have grown to love the simplicity of the mantra "pedal faster", being that its the only way to accelerate on a fixed gear bike. Tonight will be my first trip out on my new ride and though its a short route from the shop back to my home, and i am nervous.

I am also nervous about the race in 3 days. I am in good shape despite falling down the stairs last Friday and severely spraining my ankle. As a result i lost out on my high mileage day (Saturday) and took the following day off too to let it heal before i tried riding on it. Monday i did a relaxed ride around town being that i had the day off. it felt OK. Though until this morning i had been noticing it's inflicting pain during the pedaling hours. Even though i am in decent shape, I've been feeling weak and my rides have been good indicators of such, i only hope that goes away soon along with the constantly swollen ankle.

pictures of my new bike soon.

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