Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowball Crit #1 (2nd)

I had my first race yesterday (Sunday). I was really nervous considering its my first real race. The weather was just how i like it, shitty. Wet, cold (high 30's-low 40's), and dirty (sand, silt, dirt everywhere). I think i heard the word "cyclocross" about 15 times from all the conversations going on around me.
I had a ton of advice from all the cycling friends i have including my dad. Most of that advice was "stay calm/stay up front/don't crash/don't do anything till later in the race", so on lap 2 i took off on the front, mostly because the group was cruising at a slow speed and i wanted to see what would happen. They chased me down like i was a naked woman, and not only that but kept that pace up. I did everything i could to hang on which i did. I worked my way up and then with 8 laps to go chased down a guy with 4 other guys and all of a sudden we had a little gap on the group and i tried to organize a break but we couldn't get it together quick enough and the group caught the back of us. I tried to get another break to go with a couple other guys but we couldn't hold that either. So with 2 laps to go i found a nice spot on the inside near the front and waited. Last lap at the line, one of the stronger guys came blowing through on my left and i grabbed his wheel, and we strung out the group. I yelled at him to let me pull through, and soon we had a gap on the group, he pulled through again into the last turn and we both sprinted which i took and then a guy pulled around my wheel...i didn't know he was there. So i took 2nd. i was happy.

(going to warm up.)
(the start-where's waldo?)
(2nd lap-on the outside)
(mid race)
(2 laps to go-the winner is on the left with the red helmet)
(Me and 3rd place, a nice guy)

It was a super fun experience. i would have thought it was fun even finishing mid-pack. I'm looking forward to more.


darryl said...

Cool pics

Sabrina Watkins said...

I thought you said that blogging was out and Twitter was in?You can't put a post like this on Twitter....

KOA said...


tis true. but i also can't update my blog from my cell phone. If i hadn't been so cold shaking like i was having a seizure, i would have been giving updates on my cell phone from the race yesterday.