Monday, May 4, 2009

Loss of style

So after a few "good jobs" from my team i receive a hoard of emails, also from my team informing me of my "loss of style"
It seems i left my commuting light on my bike. I noticed it when i was putting my bike back into my car, but obviously that was way too late.

its ok i don't think i really ever had style to begin with.

pic courtesy of Sam Hill


AH said...

There are some unwritten rules about "accessories" that are permissible in races. Go forth and sin no more.

No: Lights or light brackets
No: Mirrors
No: Camelbak
No: Fenders (although rapidly becoming "cool" for training)

Yes: Framepump, only if you rode to the race, and if the rest of your bike is pretty high-end (see Stuart O'Grady's bike from the warmup crit in this year's Tour Down Under)
Yes: Seat bag (see framepump)
Yes: Powermeter/computer

KOA said...

wow. no light brackets either. i'm way to lazy to unscrew the single phillips head screw on and off every weekend. but i guess i'll have to overcome that.

I'm surprised by the yes for the framepump and seat bag.

So by no means did i mean to leave the light itself on there, i'm fairly aware of many do's and don'ts. someone should have taken more pictures at the Roubaix i did earlier this year because all the no's were terribly abused.

Though on a sidenote i did notice one of the Harley guys had a fender on his race bike this past weekend...whether or not it was present during the race who knows. i converted previously though, i'm a fan of the fenders, save race time.

AH said...

Although most of the rules can be broken if you refer to the race as a "training race."

But the Camelbak and mirror rules apply all the time.

I don't write 'em, I just enforce 'em.

KOA said...

very good things to know.